Festival Insights 2018: International Festival Experiences On the Up

Festival Insights 2018: International Festival Experiences On the Up

London, United Kingdom. Festicket, the world’s largest online booking portal for music festivals, has shared its annual industry findings as the summer season draws to a close. As a leading retailer of international live music experiences, Festicket’s annual insights offer a unique overview of the who, what, and how of festivals across the globe.

According to data gathered from Festicket’s users*, travellers who went abroad for a festival rose by 29% this year. The standout destination globally was Hungary with a 773% growth in festival visitors, but festivals in Portugal (127%), Spain (132%), Belgium (120%) and the Netherlands (104%) have all seen massive growth in 2018.

The two nationalities that travel outside of their country the most often for festivals are those from Hungary and Switzerland, with only 7.5% and 25% respectively choosing festivals within their country. Meanwhile, tastes for foreign festivals are changing: British festival-goers, for example, are increasingly choosing Spanish festivals over Croatian festivals.

Moving past the stereotype of the muddy camper, revellers are passing over the humble tent for more luxurious quarters. While 43% of global festival travellers still choose camping for its convenience and cost, increasing numbers are opting for luxury at the end of their festival day, particularly hotels (31%) or apartments (16%). 9.3% of Brits are even choosing “glamping” - an upscale version of camping.

In fact, investing in festival experiences is an ongoing trend, with the average booker now spending €167 on their trip. Australians and Swedes are most likely to spend more on their festival experience, with an average spend of €334 and €309 respectively per person. Meanwhile, frugal European neighbours, the Netherlands and France, spend an average of €114 and €111 respectively on festivals.

Zack Sabban, CEO & co-founder at Festicket, explains more: “We’re thrilled to see our customers become more adventurous: they are clearly happy to bounce across the continent to see their favourite artists live. Sziget Festival in Budapest is now one of our biggest sellers, which may be why Hungary saw such a massive boost in bookings this year.”

“It’s also interesting that globally festival bookers are choosing a variety of different accommodation options, rather than just the traditional tent. It shows how the industry is now catering to a real variety of different travellers, including those who are keen to share their experience on social media and may prefer to capture a more pristine look over a muddy tent.”

“For us, as a leading provider of festival packages, these stats are a great indication that a wide selection of well-priced and convenient accommodation and travel booking options is just what customers need when they buy their festival tickets.”

*The data from this release comes from Festicket’s own member base analysis of over 1000 festival partners and 2.5m+ users


About Festicket:

Your Festival Experience Starts HereFesticket is a leading online portal offering festival packages and information for music, food, travel, party and fun lovers worldwide. With Festicket you can book over 1000 festivals, alongside accommodation, transfers and extras in just one click. We take the hassle out of your festival discovery and booking experience, and ensure that you have a great time at the best festivals across the world. Keep up-to-date with what is happening at Festicket on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For further information or photography from Festicket, please contact Susanna on susanna.wood@festicket.com or +44 (0) 203 970 4514.

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