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Rock music has been a primary driving force in popular music since its origins in the 1950’s, when notable ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ artists such as Elvis garnered mainstream attention and crossed over into the world of chart music.

Since then it has broadly developed and branched off into countless prominent subgenres such as ‘alternative rock’, ‘psychedelic rock’, and ‘punk rock’ over the decades, producing a vast majority of the artists that are now embedded in popular culture such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to contemporary artists like The Killers and Muse.

Even with the advent of electronic-based music and it’s immense popularity, rock music remains as the pillar of live music performances to this day, most especially at music festivals around the world.

Some of the first incarnations of music festivals, as we know them, were rock festivals in the 1960’s like the historic Woodstock. This tradition continues today with rock festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festivals, Download Festival and Isle of Wight Festival in the UK, to Primavera Sound, Lollapalooza, and Rock in Rio flying the flag for rock music globally.

Apart from the aforementioned, favourite rock festivals of ours are Mad Cool Festival, NOS Alive, Rock Werchter, Rock am Ring, Azkena Rock Festival, Rocco del Schlacko and Roskilde which take place across Europe.

You can expect to see champions of the genre such as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Arctic Monkeys headline these major spectacles.


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