Truly the most significant music revolution to hit the world in the 21st century, the EDM movement rebranded rave culture and blasted it straight into the heart of the mainstream consciousness.

It’s not as though electronic dance music was a dormant giant until the early 2010s, it’s just that in recent years dance music is no longer confined to club nights and subcultures, rather global platforms with global exposure.

DJs, producers, and artists such as Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and The Chainsmokers all fly the flag for the genre, headlining EDM festivals across the world, on a seemingly continuous calendar of performances that never seem to end due to the genre’s extraordinarily wide-ranging appeal.

Now an integral element of the culture is the ‘hand heart’ gesture; regularly exclaimed at EDM festivals as a symbol of unity and unadulterated enjoyment, this has become the EDM equivalent of the ‘peace sign’.

A succession of the world’s biggest and most beloved festivals are tailor-made for those intoxicated by the EDM allure. Tomorrowland, for instance, is now one of the most prestigious and sought-after music festivals in the world seeing an incredible 400,000 people descend on Boom in Belgium across two consecutive weekends. In March 2019 Tomorrowland Winter was born, combining the legendary dance festival with a snowy Alps location, and plenty of partying. 

Electric Daisy Carnival is the EDM bucket list festival you need to experience in the USA, becoming so prevalent it spawned a documentary about its own existence. In Germany there’s Airbeat One, in Croatia there’s Ultra Europe, Untold Festival in Romania, Balaton Sound in Hungary, and in the UK there’s the legendary Creamfields. The list goes on.

The common theme with EDM festivals is that they all boast supreme lineups, unparalleled positivity, and the best audio/visual production that the world has to offer. What more could you want?


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