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New Year's Twice 2022

  • Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Date to be announced
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    New Year’s Eve is a magical night, so why not celebrate it TWICE?

    This event will no longer take place.

    New Year’s Twice is an event where the attendees will celebrate the 2022 New Year’s Eve
    two consecutive nights in Auckland (NZ) and Honolulu thanks to the 23 hours of time

    We will have a New Year’s Eve party in Auckland, fly out to Honolulu on a chartered flight on
    January 1st 2023 at 8:30 AM and travel back in time 23 hours to land at 6:00 PM on
    December 31st 2022 and celebrate the new year… again!

    After this we will spend a week in Hawaii with more parties and other organized activities
    such as hikes, boat trips, and sightseeing tours.

    Tickets include round trip charter flights, parties on four nights, group activities, and
    accomodation for 7 nights in a 3 or 4 star hotel in Waikiki, celebrating NYE twice in two nights is the ultimate bucket list experience, and this is the first ever event to do it on a large scale.



    New Year’s Twice starts in Auckland, New Zealand, on December 31st 2022 at 10:00 PM when we’ll join one of Auckland’s best NYE events where you can enjoy an amazing night without being in a rush as the flight to Honolulu doesn’t leave until 8:30 AM the morning after. 

    Even if our event doesn’t start until the 31st we recommend anyone coming from abroad to get to New Zealand a few days earlier and explore this amazing country. We will make recommendations through our newsletter about things to see in New Zealand and why it’s worth getting there early or staying after coming back from Hawaii.

    Our charter flight to Honolulu departs on January 1st 2023 at 8:30 AM from Auckland International Airport. The flight is 8 hours and 30 minutes, and we should arrive at Honolulu International Airport before 6:00 PM thanks to the 23 hours of time difference between the two places.

    We are dividing the plane in two sections from which the travelers can choose at the time of booking for the same price. Section 1 is “I want to sleep” and section 2 is “Keep the party going”. This way the people that want to sleep will be able to rest, and the people that want to stay awake won’t receive complaints.

    There will be beer and wine served in the plane, but no hard liquors. Hard liquors are allowed to be brought on the plane from Duty Free.

    At the time of arrival there will be charter buses waiting for the group at the airport (included in the ticket) which will take us to our 3 or 4 star hotel in Waikiki.

    By 7:30PM everyone should be at the hotel, where a meal will be waiting for them.

    At 9:30PM the second NYE party begins in one of Hawaii’s most renowned nightclubs, and it will keep going until 2:00AM.

    From the afternoon of January 1st until the 6th there will be a series of daily organized activities.

    The same 4 activities will happen every day multiple times, and the attendees can choose from multiple options of dates and times.

    Everyone will get to do all the activities, but the date and time selection will be on a first come first serve basis, so as some days and times fill up the least wanted slots will remain for the last minute bookings. Therefore we recommend people to book early.


    Included in ticket

    ○ Diamond Head Hike

    ○ Boat trip to snorkel in Turtle Canyon to see turtles, fish, and drink some Mai Tai’s

    ○ Circle Island Sightseeing tour including the Halona Blow Hole, Amelia Earhart, and Nu'uanu Pali lookouts.

    Not Included

    ○ Waterfalls hike for a special price negotiated with tour agency

    Within the trip’s included day and night activities we tried to get a mix of everything to give our time travelers a good taste of Hawaii.

    At the same time they will have lots of free time to explore on their own and decide what to do each day and night.

    On January 3rd and 5th there will be two incredible to-be-confirmed parties.

    For the nights when we are not organizing a party we will give recommendations of where to go so that the whole group can meet at the same spots.

    We will also include recommendations for non included activities to do in Oahu so everyone is ready to explore the island.

    Our return flight to Auckland will be on January 7th 2023 at 1:00 PM.


    Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand


    Auckland and Honolulu have a 23 hours time difference (almost a full day) and the flight time is 8 hours and 30 minutes, which gives enough time to party, rest a little, fly and rest some more on the flight, and party again. 

    Both islands are big and have metropolitan areas of more than 1 million people, so we felt we couldn’t go wrong choosing them. 

    Other than the parties and activities included with the tickets the attendees will have plenty of time and freedom to explore the island’s breathtaking landscapes, history, and of course its nightlife. Hawaii offers a great balance of all of the above and we hope every traveler will have the perfect week in their own way deciding how much they explore and how much they party.

    All inclusive prices starting from less than USD$5000

    Join the waitlist to be the first to hear more!

    The original prices are set in USD. 

    To avoid currency fluctuations, we encourage everyone to book in USD. Head to the bottom of the page and select USD on the currencies dropdown to lock in the best rate!

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