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Milkshake Festival Amsterdam 2017

  • Westerpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 29-30 July 2017
Milkshake Festival Amsterdam 2017

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Take a sip of freedom

Milkshake Festival Amsterdam is dance music festival in Westerpark, Amsterdam. This festival is the lovechild of two of Amsterdam's biggest clubs, Paradiso and AIR. 

Milkshake is about one thing: freedom. The whole idea is to create a welcoming atmosphere in which any and all are comfortable enough to express their true selves without judgement of their sexuality, race, gender or anything else. 

Taking place at the Westerpark culture park, the festival site features numerous areas with indoor and outdoor stages.

This year, look out for the Wham'bam Thank You Ma'am stage, an ode to the legendary George Michael.



De Trut

  • MR. Blaauw
  • Jaded
  • CKDerk
  • Mevrouw Van Bemmel
  • Doornroosje
  • Meneer Van Lennep
  • RZS
  • Handjob
  • 4Play & Linx

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

  • MC Divine
  • The G-Team
  • Roog (Prince Tribute)
  • Dr. John Danserette
  • Amrick Channa
  • Alex Kaseta (David Bowie Tribute)
  • Partytrashers
  • Lady Michel
  • Miss Bunty
  • Mad(onna)men

Wut?Club (London)

House of Vineyard - The Emerald City Ball

  • La Fujiko Ninja
  • Jamal Milan
  • Leiomy Amazon
  • MC Makaba Garcon
  • Lucy Liu Ninja
  • Rob Manga
  • Amber Ambiance


  • MC Ted Langenbach
  • Carlos Valdes
  • Modular DJ's
  • Boris Ross
  • Ben Fresh
  • Karim Soliman
  • Pop On Acid
  • Moody Mehran
  • Jeff Solo
  • Prins Escort
  • Nala

Less Drama More Techno (Paris)

  • Rony Golding
  • Sylvin Wood
  • Anhy & HighLow
  • Lylou Dallas
  • Ben Manson

Vieze Poezendek

  • JNM The Naked MC
  • Rachel Green
  • Phalerieau & MC Alainde Lon
  • Covergirl Sunny
  • D-Luzion
  • Kleine Kim
  • Fab & Paans
  • His&Hers
  • Yarrr


Erwin Olaf


  • Gaybar All Star DJ Team
  • Mima
  • Spacemaker
  • Venderstrooik
  • J-Ti
  • Leather E
  • Ari Versluis

Totally Female

  • JNM The Naked MC
  • Ceciel Moyano
  • Alex Sinclar
  • Femme Tastic
  • Sjeazy Pearl
  • Shug La Sheeda
  • charlie

This is How We Drag Galore

  • Loes Poeder
  • Diederella

Sexy Party (Cologne)

Damage By Mister B.

  • Chris Bekker
  • William Sizen Bell
  • Adam Turner
  • Jordan Rag


  • Benny Rodrigues
  • Remon Lacroix
  • Ben Manson
  • Roog
  • Morriz
  • Liberated Sound System
  • Nicky Nicole

Pakhaus Berlin


Vieze Poezendek

  • Anne Faye
  • FS Green & MC Fit
  • Mitchel Kelly
  • Emanuelle Vos
  • Rica Shay
  • Christal Empire
  • Jasmine Perez
  • Koen Kardashian
  • Bush Bush

Westerpark is a large municipal park featuring a theatre, cinema and event space. With these amenities, it is a "culture park" and hosts numerous cultural gatherings. 


Westerpark, Amsterdam, 1014, Netherlands



The nearest airpot is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Upon arrival take the train to Amsterdam Centraal Station (15 minutes). Here get on the 21 or 18 bus to Haarlemmerplein (3 minutes). The festival site is a 6 minute walk southeast from the bus stop.


Amsterdam Centraal Station is accessible from most European cities but may require a transfer along the way. Upon arrival take 21 or 18 bus to Haarlemmerplein (3 minutes). The festival site is a 6 minute walk southeast from the bus stop.

This is an 18+ Festival and you may need to show ID upon entry. 

Both days the festival starts at 12:00 and ends at 23:00. 

The festival site is equipped to be accessible for wheelchairs and has disabled toilets. 


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