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I Love Techno Europe 2018

  • Parc des Expositions, Montpellier, France
  • 15 December 2018
I Love Techno Europe 2018

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An iconic party

I Love Techno Europe is an electronic music festival held each winter in the French city of Montpellier. As the name suggests, the lineup is littered with stars of the rich and diverse techno scene, with DJs and live acts performing across three rooms.

The festival dates back to the mid-nineties, and despite moving from its former home in Belgium, the same spirit, atmosphere, fanbase and dedication to hosting an unforgettable party remains unchanged after more than 20 years.

What has evolved, however, is the range of musical styles on offer. Because while techno still takes pride of place, the lineup also features elements of harder and more bass driven genres like DnB, electro, dubstep or hardcore.


Red Room

Green Room

  • Fontène
    20:30 - 21:30
  • Giorgia Anguili
    21:30 - 22:45
  • The Hacker B2B Arnaud Rebotini
    22:45 - 00:45
  • DIMA
    00:45 - 01:45
  • Kolsch
    01:45 - 03:30
  • Laurent Garnier
    03:30 - 05:45

Blue Room

Purple Room

  • Axel Blanc
    19:15 - 22:00
  • Voltaire
    22:00 - 23:00
  • Falling Echoes
    23:00 - 00:15
  • Fontène
    00:15 - 02:15
  • Carte Blanche
    12:15 - 04:00

The Parc des Expositions is one of France's most famous exhibition centres, and is well used to hosting major events throughout the year, including trade fairs, conferences and music events.


Parc des Expositions, Route de la Foire, Montpellier, 34470, France


Montpellier city centre is just a 15 minute bus ride away from Montpellier–Méditerranée Airport. Bus number 120 will take you into the city centre. 

The city is also easily accessible by rail from the rest of France, although some journeys will require a change at a major city.

From the city centre, you can reach the Parc des Expositions via Tram line 3, or a ten minute taxi ride.

Yes, those under 16 may not attend, and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


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