Lyte is evolving. Learn more about our plans for the former Festicket website

Lyte is evolving. Learn more about our plans for the former Festicket website

After several weeks and months of hard work, Lyte is extremely excited to be embarking on the next step of our journey.

As you may have seen back in September, we announced the addition of the Festicket and Event Genius platforms and team to Lyte, creating a truly global business that enables us to offer unique and beloved experiences to fans all over the world.

Here are some of the plans we have for the future of this website and the exciting opportunities that this will bring.

The first things you will notice are the logos, branding and web address have changed to Lyte.

While these will be the most obvious, immediate changes, we will also be making improvements across the site to ensure we continue to provide a global hub to discover and book tickets to some of the biggest and best festivals and live events around the world.

We'll still help you to discover where your next magical festival experience will take you – whether that's by showing you where your favorite artists are playing with our Spotify-powered Festival Finder, by curating selections of experience based on venue, location, genre, activity, or demographic, or by keeping you informed of the latest news and features from the festival world on our magazine.

What's more, we'll still offer flexibility with our range of languages, checkout and payment options to make sure fans across the globe can discover and book live event experiences.

All of this matches the mission at the heart of what has defined Lyte since the very beginning – to fill every seat with real fans.

By innovating and inventing new ways of thinking about how ticketing can work better for fans and creators alike, Lyte is on a mission to revolutionize an industry that has forgotten, ignored or dismissed outright the experiences of fans.

Now, we have the opportunity to use this website and its worldwide audience to showcase a variety of Lyte-powered events, and to share our vision for the future of ticketing. One that offers ease and flexibility throughout the process – from discovering your next event, to pre-registering for easy access to tickets, to booking, returning or exchanging tickets to ensure that every seat is filled with real fans, at fair prices.

This is just the beginning.


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