Tomorrowland 2022: What The DJs Say

Tomorrowland 2022: What The DJs Say

Tomorrowland 2023

Tomorrowland 2023

Boom, Belgium

There's valid reason why Tomorrowland is widely regarded as the world's greatest dance music festival. 

Aside from the lineup (who we'll hear from shortly) that consistently features the most influential and impactful artists in the history of electronic music alongside bonafide superstars of the genre, what rolls off people's tongues regularly when talking about the iconic festival is its magical atmosphere. 

As with all EDM-focused festivals, 'good vibes' is the central ethos. But given Tomorrowland's sheer size, dedication to an immersive experience, and frankly outlandish audiovisual production, the Belgian behemoth is a utopia like no other. Which is why fanatic festival-goers and artists alike return year-on-year without hesitation.

And if you haven't already heard, 2022's edition is bigger than ever given its expansion to three full weekends of delectable dance music.

To prove it, we've collected the experiences of four artists on the bill this year - Carola, Kryder, Cat Dealers and Maxim Lany - on why they either can't wait to get back to Boom or perform for the first time, and what they have in store for their sets this July:




What is your history with Tomorrowland?

The first contact I had with the festival was through one of Tomorrowland's most iconic aftermovies. It was in the 2010 edition, which had that stage decorated with a rainbow and a little sun. I was a fan right away, because I looked at all that structure and all the artists that the producers brought, all the experience they wanted to provide, and you could already feel that it was something very different. 

Although the festival came to Brazil twice and I visited Europe at the time of the event, I never managed to go, because I didn't have much money. So my history with Tomorrowland ends up being someone who loves it very much without ever having set foot on it.


Why will it be a unique experience to DJ there for the first time?

Because it's an incredible opportunity for me to be able to show my work to the whole world. I remember when I started DJing and when I had my first contact with the history of Tomorrowland, it became a great reference for me. I was always looking to find out which artists would be in the lineup, looking to hear and see their sets, see the aftermovies, research all the songs in the videos — I even had the festival's DVD! 

So I'm very happy to be part of it today, and also to know that people will get to know my art because of something that will be very significant in my life. I'm sure that as much as I perform at other major festivals around the world in the coming years, this will always be a very special achievement.


What are you preparing for your DJ set in July?

For this gig I intend to bring a completely reworked set, with new songs, a new performance, and I'm sure people will be pleasantly surprised. I really want them to see all the artistic and sound evolution that I've been looking for in recent years. I hope the crowd likes it a lot. It's going to be amazing and I'm really looking forward to this!




What's your history with Tomorrowland?

I’m lucky to say I’ve played every edition of Tomorrowland in the last eight years, and even played Tomorrowland Brazil and America! I've played on different stages like Axwell's Axtone Stage, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's Smash The House, Laidback Luke’s Super You & Me and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano's Sexy By Nature stage. It’s been an incredible ride.


Why it will be such a unique experience performing/being there?

I think it’s a real highlight of the touring calendar for both artists and fans. The level of effort and attention to detail Tomorrowland put into the event makes it an extremely unique experience. They portray dance music in a very positive way full of great energy and artistic production, making it a standout festival in the world of dance music. 

I also love catching up with all my mates backstage and having a laugh with other artists, talking about future collabs and crazy stories from touring the world.


What do you have in store for your set in July?

Well, I’m lucky to be playing two sets this year: a very special solo set which will feature a new album worth of productions - very melodic and cinematic in style but still with my signature grooves - on the Sexy By Nature stage, and then an exclusive B2B set with my girlfriend and Mainstage artist B Jones on an unique new concept merging tribal and Arabian sounds with euphoric vocals.


Cat Dealers


What's your history with Tomorrowland?

Just like every DJ, we always knew the importance of Tomorrowland and how one of the greatest career achievements you can have as an artist is to be a part of the lineup.

Ever since we started our journey as electronic music lovers, we have closely followed the festival and admired how huge it’s become. It's amazing the magical atmosphere they created and how they can take us to a fairy tale reality, not to mention the impeccable delivery in every single aspect, which turns the festival into a work of art for those who like music - and even for those who do not like it so much!


Why it will be such a unique experience performing/being there?

For us, going to Tomorrowland as fans was already a dream come true and we were able to attend the Brazilian edition in 2016. And now, a few years later, to be playing at a festival of this level, which has an importance for the entire electronic music scene, is in fact a dream career realisation, besides the recognition of a lot of hard work we put on over the last years.


What do you have in store for your set in July?

Our debut had to be delayed a couple of years because of the pandemic. But, everything has its own time and we are sure that the 2022 edition will be something completely special for everyone who attends. 

As we did at the digital editions of the festival - in 2020 and 2021 - we’d like to bring to our set a lot of new music, possibly a few tracks we’ve never even played before, and of course, our classic songs. For now, we continue in full studio mode to have as many new things as possible at the time of the festival. Can’t wait, we’re super excited!


Maxim Lany


What's your personal history with Tomorrowland and why do artists keep returning to perform?

I’ve actually played Tomorrowland since the very first edition. I was part of a lineup as local support because I was resident in a club back then, that hosted one of the first stages (which was just a tent!). 

After that I think I’ve played almost every year and I’ve seen it grow step by step.


You've worked your way from the bottom up, so how does it feel to be performing on the Mainstage in 2022?

That makes it an even bigger feeling of accomplishment to be standing on the Mainstage this year alongside heroes of mine that I look up to. I am already counting down the days.

Tomorrowland 2022 takes place 15- 17th, 22-24th & 29-31st July 2022 in Boom, Belgium. To be a part of Tomorrowland's spectacular return, book your ticket packages here.


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