Sonus Holiday: Experience the Croatian Techno Haven Like Never Before

Sonus Holiday: Experience the Croatian Techno Haven Like Never Before

Sonus Festival 2022

Sonus Festival 2022

Novalja, Croatia

Sonus is more than just a festival. It is the perfect summer holiday combined with the best parties the electronic music world has to offer. The five-day celebration of supreme scenery and remarkable music that returns in August 2022 has been helmed by the visionary minds behind Time Warp and We Love Sound Croatia, who have steadily steered the Sonus Festival ship towards critical acclaim and an untouchable reputation.

Held on the beautiful Pag Island in Croatia, and more specifically the party hotspot of Zrće beach, Sonus takes over some of the area's most prestigious clubs – Aquarius, Kalypso, Noa and Papaya – that provide the backdrop to both day and night parties in the company of some of techno's finest names. 

But what about away from the festival - what can festival-goers get up to when they're not partying hard? We've picked out some of the best activities, places to visit, food to eat, as well as the best areas to stay in and how to get around to help you make the most of your Sonus Holiday.

Where to Stay

Those wanting to stay close to the action should consider staying in Novalja, which is regarded as 'the party town.' Novalja has been attracting more and more young tourists every year over the past decade, mainly because of its incredible clubs and ever increasing festivals.

The town stands out due to the beauty and uniqueness of its beaches, its unspoilt landscapes, its entertainment and nightlife, the quality of its cultural and historical sites and the multitude of facilities for sports and recreation.

We asked Sonus what accommodation options they'd recommend in Novalja, with their suggestions below:

There will also be a number of other accommodation options available to suit all budgets.

Kristal Paris Apartments

Kristal Paris apartments offer a four-star accommodation with a swimming pool, and is located in the most beautiful part of Novalja, just by the sea and the beach.

All guests of Kristal Paris have access to a large swimming pool in front of the property, and the top apartment that sleeps eight also includes a jacuzzi on the terrace.

The complex is 500m from the shuttle bus station that takes you directly to Zrće beach, and everything you need is within a short walking distance, such as bars, restaurants and a supermarket. 


Resort Trcol offers four-star accommodation with a big swimming pool and a nice chillout area in the centre of Novalja. This exceptional location is just five minutes walking distance to the shuttle bus station that takes you directly to Zrće beach.

Everything you need is within a short walking distance, such as bars, restaurants and supermarket. Resort Trcol also offers breakfast and drinks for a surcharge.

You can relax by the swimming pool, enjoy the jacuzzi (towels included), have fun in the game room or even have a BBQ in the BBQ area. There is 24-hour front desk and 24-hour security.

Luxury Living Apartments

Luxury Living apartments offer four-star accommodation with a swimming pool and a nice chillout area.

The complex is 500m from the shuttle bus station that takes you directly to Zrće beach. You can relax by the swimming pool or have a BBQ in the BBQ area. The cool Babe beach is just 15 minutes walk from the complex as well as the centre of Novalja. 

Travel & Getting Around

The easiest way to get to Sonus Festival is by aeroplane, with multiple airports within a couple of hours drive from Novalja. The closest and most convenient airport to fly into is Zadar, which is around an 80 minute taxi ride from Novalja. Cheaper airport transfers will also be available.

Alternatively, Zagreb Airport will take around three and a half hours drive, and Dubrovnik Airport around five hours. The prices below are an estimation for how much a taxi from each airport will cost. We recommend getting a quote from your driver before the journey and asking for a receipt upon payment.

Zadar - Novalja: 750 HRK

Split - Novalja: 1,800 HRK

Zagreb - Novalja: 2,200 HRK

Once in Novalja, the Sonus Festival Shuttle is the best way to get around. The shuttle will take you from various points around the island to the festival, as well as allowing you to visit other spots on the island. 


Aside from the beautiful sunshine, one of the other perks of Sonus Festival is its proximity to a number of incredible beaches. First up is Zrće beach itself, which is just 2km from Novalja and is probably the most popular beach in the area given its high media coverage.

However, we recommend also checking out Gajac and Caska beaches, and in particular Stara Novalja which is situated in a deep bay in the north-west of the island of Pag. The largest beach within the cove is the famous sandy beach Trinćel, while smaller beaches extend through the entire bay, some of which are only accessible by boat. 


Pag Island is filled with all kinds of activities for festival-goers to get involved in, from watersports and rock climbing for the thrill seekers, through to a relaxing stroll around the area's cute towns and blissful scenery for those after something a little more laidback. 

Activities widely available are wind and kite surfing, kayaking, bungee jumping, quad biking, jet skiing, banana riding and more.

Places to Visit

The two main hubs on Pag Island are Novalja and Pag Town. Away from the thriving nightlife in Novalja, the Gradski Muzej museum in Novalja contains a number of interesting archaeological artefacts. It also frequently holds art exhibitions during the summer months. The two main churches in the town are the Church of Mary of the Rosary, built in the 17th century where two other churches had previously stood, and The Church of St Catherine is from the 19th century.

A key historic sight in the town of Novalja is also the original Roman aqueduct, known locally as Talijanova buža - Italian hole. The aqueduct – which dates back to the 1st century AD – is over a kilometre in length, once supplied the town with water from surrounding fields. While walks down its mysterious passageways need to be arranged through the Novalja tourist office, its entrance is easily found within the Town Museum on Kralja Zvonimira street. 

There are also a number of churches in Pag Town, including the 15th century Church of the Assumption in the town centre which has a wonderfully ornate stone rose window, reminiscent of the lace for which Pag is so famous for. Pag Town is much quieter than Novalja, but is a lovely town for a quiet stroll and a relaxing bite to eat.

Those of you who believe there may be other life forms out there may be keen to check out Pag's Bermuda Triangle. Just off Pag's road 106, this strange phenomenon is an unusual triangle-shaped stone formation stretching 30 metres across, made up of stones that differ significantly in shape and character to the millions of rocks strewn across the Pag landscape. The origin of this formation is a mystery and has piqued the interest of many UFO investigators and believers of alternative lifeforms. 

Food & Drink

Due to it's geography, Croatia's cuisine has been heavily influenced by Italian, Hungarian, Serbian, Turkish and Greek cultures, resulting in an incredible blend of different foods and flavours.

Cheese is one of those foods that the area is famed for. For example, the Gligora Cheese Factory makes over 450 different varieties of cheese and is derived from sheep's milk from around 200 different local farmers. 

Wine is another, with many households actually making their own wine, which can be bought on the side of the road, at restaurants, at grocery stores or direct from the vineyard.

These wines are the perfect accompaniment to the fresh fish caught daily in the Adriatic, or the succulent lamb native to the land. Na Tale is a highly recommended restaurant in Pag Town, with its tables overlooking the bay that provides it with freshly caught seafood.

Festival Tickets & Packages

Tickets and packages to Sonus Festival 2022 are now on sale and available to purchase by clicking here.


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