Preview: Time Warp 2021 – Two Days | One Stage

Preview: Time Warp 2021 – Two Days | One Stage

Time Warp DE 2021 Two Days | One Stage

It's been a while, but it's back: this weekend Time Warp returns, although in a slightly different fashion to what we've come to expect from the legendary event with Time Warp: Two Days | One Stage.

This time around there's two days of pure techno to occupy your eyes and ears, but what will what will feel familiar is thousands of feverish ravers being primed and ready to dance together once again with some of the biggest names in the scene. 

Here's what you can expect from the long overdue celebration from techno's finest hosts. 


It's been a total of 30 months since the last Time Warp event, so ravers must've been champing at the bit to get back in amongst it.

What better way to rekindle that love affair with driving four-to-the-floor beats than Mannheim's adored Maimarkthalle - which Time Warp has called home for a quarter of a century - reopening its doors? That's right: techno's coming home. 


Two Days

From those experienced in the ways of Time Warp, you'd usually be preparing yourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically for a marathon 20-hour party from dusk till dawn, and then some.

This time around, however, there's two days with individually curated lineups that warrant praise in their own right. Just make sure to hit up both to avoid missing out. 


One Stage

Time Warp is typically a multi-staged affair - given the sheer list of major names associated with the event, they need to find the space and time to showcase everyone which no doubt gives programmers a bit of a headache. 

Two Days | One Stage is streamlined, however, so you can offer your undivided attention towards one place without having to plan itineraries or fret about missing anyone. And if you think the means the quality is diluted, just take one look at the lineup. 



It's hard to talk about Time Warp without mentioning the event's impeccable production within the same breath.

The brand's flagship Mannheim event is not only legendary due its association with techno's popularisation throughout the 90s, but also their pioneering audiovisual production and how it became the benchmark for similar raves of a similar scale. With only one stage to tend to, expect big things.


Two times the techno

Of course there will be ample amounts of techno on offering - I mean, what else would you expect? On this occasion being spread over two days, it means you'll be able to immerse yourself in every artist on the bill. 

That in no way means they've skimped on the calibre of names involved, however, with icons and innovators such as Sven Väth, Dixon, Seth Troxler, Pan-Pot, Tale Of Us, Maceo Plex, and more all making the pilgrimage to Mannheim.

The dance floor is ready for you.

Time Warp Two Days | One Stage takes place this weekend from 29-30th October. For more info and to book the final remaining tickets, click here.


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