Club To Club 2019: Five Must-See Acts

Club To Club 2019: Five Must-See Acts

Club To Club Torino 2019

Every year we like to discuss which festival's lineup looks the most interesting, exciting and appealing. And every year, without fail, Club To Club forms part of that conversation.

Built around the idea of championing creativity, the Turin festival's programme – though never formulaic – consistently manages to explore both new trends and established ideas from within all manner of different styles and genres.

Equally unafraid of shining a light on 'mainstream' acts who are carving their own path (think James Blake or Flume at this latest edition) as they are of showcasing fiercely experimental and much lesser-known acts, there's always something to explore when the festival rolls into town at the end of each October.

So we've picked out just a handful of those that are worthy of your consideration, whether you're heading to the festival or not. You can check out the full lineup here

Skee Mask

Having the ability, tendency and desire to fill your sets with an ever-changing mix of styles and genres shouldn't really be worthy of note, and generally speaking there are a lot of DJs that live up to their billing as being 'eclectic' (and plenty more beside who really don't). But it's hard to think of many who so willingly and effortlessly journey from no-frills techno, through electro, breakbeat, jungle, DnB, footwork and hip hop, to cut up R&B samples and unashamed dancefloor classics.


From enigmatic super-producer to flamboyant pop icon, SOPHIE has consistently consolidated her place as one of modern music's most creative and interesting figures. Equally adept at the heartfelt and the hypersexual, SOPHIE's productions have a warped glossiness that somehow manages to straddle both the pop and experimental worlds; and with the visual elements and live performance, her art comes to life even more vividly. Live footage is hard to come by, but this video for single 'Ponyboy' captures it pretty accurately.

Nu Guinea

The Italian duo are absolute masters of the funk, with sets that delve deep into the annals of disco and their own productions having the feel of timeless classics from years gone by. Blending together DJ sets with live instrumentation (in the case of Club To Club it will be keys) their sets are firmly focused on getting people moving.

Kelsey Lu

By combining elements of neo-classical composition and chamber music with contemporary alternative pop and R&B, Kelsey Lu has set herself out as a hugely intruging artist and performer; her collaborations with the likes of Blood Orange, Solange, Sampha, Oneohtrix Point Never, Florence + the Machine, and Kelela acting as an apt reflection of her influences, inspirations and musical output. 

The Comet Is Coming

Fusing psychedelic and space rock with jazz and electronic music, the South East London trio are never afraid of taking things cosmic – their latest full-length record featuring tracks called 'Super Zodiac' and 'Astral Flying' – and it's in the enthralling live performances that these compositions really come into their own. 

Club To Club takes place in Turin from 30 October - 3 November. Book the last remaining tickets, packages and accommodation here.


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