All Points East 2022: Ones To Watch - Friday 19th August

All Points East 2022: Ones To Watch - Friday 19th August

Luno presents All Points East 2022

Written by: Conor Fuller

After a triumphant post-pandemic return last summer, All Points East returns with an explosively eclectic line-up.

It’s fitting that the line-up for the first Friday spans so many genres and musical influences, given headliners Gorillaz’ broad musical universe.

And of course, we fully expect you to immerse yourselves into the diverse and colourful headline set which you'd expect will welcome a revolving-door roster of guests.

Before that however, here are some of our picks to see on the build up to our favourite virtual band’s climatic show.

Yves Tumor

Shapeshifting through aesthetics, genres and sounds, Yves Tumor is a groundbreaking artist. Currently resurrecting and embodying the golden age of rock n’ roll with anthemic hits such as 'Jackie' and 'Gospel For A New Century', Tumor evokes glam rock and psychedelia.

Before the celebrated 2020 album Heaven is a Tortured Mind, came critically acclaimed and genre-defying Safe In The Hands of Love, spanning electronica, ambient, noise and off-kilter pop. Expand your mind, Yves Tumor and reject categorisation, this is something truly new.


Remi Wolf

There’s something overwhelmingly nostalgic about Remi Wolf’s music, despite also sounding fresh. Juxtaposing ecstatic synths with often sorrowful lyrics, Wolf picks up from where Passion Pit left off, reviving a beloved blend of electronic indie from the late 00s.

Self-describing her music as “hyper-coloured explosions”, her other influences are wide-ranging, from SZA to John Mayer. Her performance is bound to be energetic and uplifting, whatever the weather.


Pusha T

Fresh off the release of his well-received fourth album It’s Almost Dry, Virginia rapper Pusha T is in excellent form. Enlisting Pharrell Williams and Kanye West to produce six tracks each, the new material is musically varied and intricate, the perfect background for Pusha’s snarling vocals.

From the menacing 'Let the Smokers Shine the Coupe's to the airy 'Scrape It Off', the verses are often immaculate. However good the new material is though, let’s not forget huge former hits like 'If You Know, You Know' and 'Numbers on the Boards'. It’s a good thing Victoria Park doesn’t have a roof, because either of these would blow it right off.


Nia Archives

One of the youngest and most exciting acts on the line up, Nia Archives is a true trailblazer. Bursting onto the jungle scene, Nia champions a DIY spirit to writing, producing and her aesthetic.

Infectious breakbeats underscore her glorious neo-soul vocals on hits 'Sober Feels' and '18 & Over'. You won’t want to miss this rising star on her ascendancy.


Paris, Texas

Named after a 1984 Wim Wenders film in which the main character cannot remember their own identity while simultaneously hiding behind pseudonyms themselves, not a huge amount is known about alternative hip-hop duo Paris, Texas.

This elusiveness does not translate to their music though, which is bursting with intent, aggression, and confidence. Latest single 'Girls Like Drugs' riffs off a heavily distorted guitar and almost all of their music to date relies on big, beefy drum beats – perfect to kick off the weekend.

Luno presents All Points East 2022 takes place from 19th - 28th August at London's Victoria Park. To book your tickets, head to our shop here.


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