2019's Best Festival Aftermovies

2019's Best Festival Aftermovies

It's a new year. A new decade. An era of new opportunities. It'll be a new you, etc. With all the fleeting optimism that comes with new digits on the calendar, there's almost no reason to even look back at the year just gone. Onwards and upwards, as the old adage goes.

When it comes to music festivals, however, the best way to whet your appetite for the sun-soaked season ahead is to hark back to the previous editions. Thankfully, aftermovies are all the rage at present; a wonderfully bite-size, visually delicious festival experience all wrapped up in a neat consumable video package. 

Of course, we'd never recommend forgoing a genuine festival experience in lieu of sitting at home and watching aftermovies instead. But they certainly help fill the void of missing out. 

Here are the ten best from 2019:

Glastonbury Festival


Where else to begin? Considering there's hundred-upon-thousands of unlucky sods that miss out on the greatest music festival in existence, sometimes the only satisfaction you can get is basking in the glorious highlights and pin your hopes on getting Glastonbury tickets for the following year.


Airbeat One Festival


Germany's answer to Creamfields, Airbeat One Festival packs as many class-acts into their lineup as possible, with all performances bolstered by, quite frankly, insane visual production. This year's country-focused theme was 'India', so take a look for yourselves at the dance music titan's lofty vision and execution:



Reading Festival


This major festival mainstay has continuously evolved over the years, embracing new generations of both musicians and festival-goers. What transpires each August Bank Holiday at Reading is a weekend brimming with energy and excitement, resulting in a series of moments and stories that'll become part of your folklore for decades to come.




With each passing chapter, Tomorrowland continues to dumbfound its festival-goers with an even bigger lineup, or even better stage design, or an even madder theme. 2019's edition proved that it can still reach new heights, and the electronic music utopia has not yet reached its zenith.


Shambhala Music Festival


Another legendary music festival that goes from strength to strength, Shambhala Music Festival is Canada's most established electronic-focused festival, and it remains fiercely independent to this day.

With 23 years of continued success, their policy of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" evidently works, merely amplifying their trusted components; a forest setting, the most distinguished names in contemporary electronica, and unrelenting party vibes.


Mad Cool Festival


Madrid's behemoth of indie and rock is still relatively new compared to some of the other festivals on this list, but due to its knack of assembling a smorgasbord of the industry's biggest and brightest names, Mad Cool Festival has earned its reputation for being one of Europe's best. Their aftermovie will have you pining for indie anthems in the Spanish sunshine.


Sonus Festival


Undoubtedly the greatest techno festival to bestow the haven of hedonism that is Zrće Beach, each summer Sonus Festival invites a revolving-door of techno icons and upstarts to the acclaimed clubs along the Adriatic Coast. Raving never looked so dreamy.


Afro Nation Portugal


Afro Nation's Portuguese venture was the breakout success story of last year; uninhibited dance moves, infectious rhythms, and plenty of smiles all around made the Algarve the most jubilant place in Europe, if not planet Earth, for a weekend in July. See for yourselves:


Rolling Loud Miami


Spawned from the impact of Floridian rap during the previous decade, Rolling Loud has swiftly become a bonafide hip-hop empire, with editions in Los Angeles, New York, and soon to be Europe alongside its nucleus in Miami. It's the largest hip-hop event in the world by a considerable distance, so world dominance awaits.




This wouldn't be a legitimate list of the best festival aftermovies if Coachella didn't make the upper echelons; it's the festival where everyone wants to be, and they want to make sure you know they're living their best lives.

We thought the wave of Instagram posts over two weekends in April fanned the flames of envy, but turns out the aftermovie exists just to deepen those wounds that little bit extra. 


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