10 Tracks You Need To Hear Live at Zurich Openair 2018

10 Tracks You Need To Hear Live at Zurich Openair 2018

Zürich Openair 2018

Zürich Openair 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

Come 22nd August 2018, the municipalities of Rümlang and Opfikon near Zurich Airport will see over 80,000 people arriving for this year's Zurich Openair over the course of four days, optimistic of seeing the glitterati of rock, indie, hip-hop, and alternative music. 

A lineup brimming with talent means that there is bound to be a wealth of exceptional performances throughout Wednesday to Saturday, so we've narrowed down our 10 tracks you need to hear live, just to make things a little easier for you. 

This will no doubt get you in the mood for what promises to be a memorable four days in the heart of Switzerland, so have a gander.

Kendrick Lamar - DNA


Kicking off with Thursday's headline act, the peerless Kendrick has opened his sets with 'DNA' of late, and the quaking bass shocks the crowds into a frenzy. 

Commanding the stage as a solitary figure, Kendrick delivers his politically-charged lyrics with unparalleled confidence and vigor so once you've experienced 'DNA', you'll be hooked for the remainder of his blistering performance.

The War On Drugs - Red Eyes


Off the back of winning the Grammy Award for 'Best Rock Album' for 2017's A Deeper Understanding, The War On Drugs have continued to keep their foot on the pedal with relentless touring.

Don't expect them to have lost any momentum, especially as they turn it "up to 11" with 'Red Eyes'.

Underpinned by a pounding drum beat, the lead-guitar lick will have you strumming away whilst simultaneously headbanging, channeling the forefathers of rock once swept up in the feverish crescendo. 


Justice - Phantom pt.II


There's no better slot for French duo Justice to collide their disco-tinged crunchy electro with your jolly souls than co-headlining Friday. 

Forever a crowd pleaser is 'Phantom pt.II' from their self-titled first album, as the deep rippling bassline and crackling synths will keep you bouncing up and down long after the track finishes.

Listening to it through your headphones simply doesn't do it justice.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine


Traditionally more of a rock/folk oriented artist throughout her illustrious career, Gainsbourg worked with Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange on her latest album Rest and garnered critical acclaim for incorporating more dance-driven production.

Lead single 'Deadly Valentine' is part-disco floor filler and part-ballad, with its throbbing beat laced with a sweeping string section and punctuated by triumphant piano chords.

Gainsbourg orchestrates the heady mix with her delicate vocals, yet this potent track is anything but delicate.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Robot Stop


Renowned for their prolific work rate, having released 10 albums in the previous 4 years, King Gizz are the poster boys for modern psychedelic-rock.

Their outlay, however, is eclipsed by their phenomenally energetic and hectic live performances, which sees all 7 band members bouncing off the walls from start to finish.

This is exemplified no better than 'Robot Stop' which pulsates constantly, and we're pretty certain it'll encourage each and every dizzying onlooker to try out a bit of crowd-surfing.

The Vaccines - Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)


Continuing with the amped-up vibe, what better than The Vaccines short, sweet, and very punchy ode to The Ramones to shake things up?

An urge to join the chorus of "Ra Ra Ra" being screamed by the hordes of indie-boppers will wash over you, leaving you with a sore throat for days.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Bonobo - Cirrus


One of the more chilled tracks from our list, but still utterly unmissable.

The Latin-inspired rhythms accentuated by the dominant bassline gives 'Cirrus' a groove that will have you shimmying your shoulders and two-stepping with similarly blissed-out spectators. 

Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy


Well. Do we really need to vouch for Die Antwoord's live performances? No, but we'll do it anyways.

Theatric and bizarre in equal measures, the South African duo of Yolandi Visser and Ninja took the countercultural movement 'zef' to each corner of the globe, and a loyal cult following have been bewitched with their uniquely absurd characteristics.

'Ugly Boy' references the duo's romantic relationship, so expect the on-stage chemistry between the two to be at the fore for the duration of this irregular hip-hop anthem.

alt-J - Deadcrush


We've already written about the need to catch alt-J at their European festival appearances this summer, but we'll just reiterate it as Zurich Openair will be a prime opportunity to engross yourself in their distinguished brand of stirring indie trip-hop.

'Deadcrush' sounds like a Prince tune if it was slowed down to 33rpm, with the affecting bass pounding at your chest and high-pitched vocals whirling in tandem.

One to roll your hips to, on what will be the closing night of the festival.

Liam Gallagher - Live Forever


Not from his new album, As You Were, that's thrust the ferocious younger Gallagher brother back into the spotlight, but it's sure to be a staple of his set nonetheless. 

Liam Gallagher is under no illusions that he's reclaimed his crown as the quintessential rock frontman solely on his new material, but rather that he gives paying crowds what they want.

And what they want? The Oasis classics performed with the imitable swagger that Gallagher possesses. 

Almost certain to be his encore, seeing this track performed live will live forever in the memory.

Zurich Openair takes place from 22nd - 25th August.



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