Music Photographers To Follow On Instagram

Music Photographers To Follow On Instagram

When browsing through Instagram feeds of popular music moments, sometimes a single photo can capture a whole lot more than words. But in the midst of thousands of pictures of the same event, it takes something special to stand out from the crowd.

To help inspire your own festival pics, here's our pick of incredible music photographers to follow on Instagram...


Calder Wilson - Instagram: calderwilson

If you can picture those famous shots of festivals like Ultra Miami, EDC and TomorrowWorld, chances are they were taken by this guy. From perfect fireworks to captivating laser-filled wonders, Wilson's feed also features stunning landscape and city scenes.



Lindsey Best - Instagram: lindzbest

With explosions of colour right through to mood-setting black and white images, LA based photographer Lindsey Best has a talent for capturing moments in a way that transports you to the heart of the image's emotions. Beyond Radiohead and The Rolling Stones, Lindsey's other non-music photos are equally atmospheric.



Happy birthday to the amazing @GwenStefani of @NoDoubt!

A photo posted by Lindsey Best (@lindzbest) on


Rukes - Instagram: rukes

Self-described as the #1 DJ Photographer, Rukes populates his feed with a good mix of intimate looks behind-the-scenes, to main stage shots of artists in action. Gaining popularity when he was the official concert photographer for Deadmau5, he has since photographed the likes of Skrillex, Afrojack, Kaskade & Avicii.



Like this photo to keep @diplo's shirt off.

A photo posted by rukes (@rukes) on


Lizzy Davis - Instagram: llzzies

And now one for the Rock & Metalheads! Capturing raw energy, riff-tastic moments and many a hair-flip and dramatic pose, Lizzy has a knack for displaying the individual personalities of her subjects. Her photos are a great testament to the art of timing, from catching direct glances of the performers to wonderful images of smoke and light.



Faces Of Festivals - Instagram: faces_of_festivals

With a slight "Humans Of New York" vibe to it, Faces Of Festivals directs more attention to those who attend the festivals. While main stage shots do appear, it is personable and a very welcome to sight to be greeted by images of happy people enjoying the festival community around them.



Always lots of family fun at GSB Festival on Long Island! #facesoffestivals #greatsouthbaymusicfestival @patrickhughesphotography

A photo posted by Faces Of Festivals (@faces_of_festivals) on


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