11 Awesome Festivals In Scandinavia

11 Awesome Festivals In Scandinavia

Despite the rivalry over which city is Scandinavia's unofficial capital, one thing that can't be argued with is that all the countries in the region are beautiful in their own way. From the marvellous Fjords of Norway to the black beaches of Iceland, the countries all share awesome music festivals sampling artists from every end of the genre spectrum. Here are some of our highlights.

Roskilde Festival

Festival lineup
: The Cure, Travis Scott, Bob Dylan and His Band, Robyn, Cardi B

One of the largest music festivals in Europe, this event has a big variety of headliners, from one of the most enduring figureheads in popular culture, Bob Dylan, to the infectious and heartbreaking femme-pop of Robyn. From the annual naked run, to the pre-festival campsite parties, it's often said that to feel the whole Roskilde experience you can't attend just once.

When & where: 29 June - 6 July 2019; Roskilde, Denmark


Festival lineup
: Hunee, Jayda G, KiNK, I Hate Models

Described as a "celebration of Copenhagen street life and international club culture",  this event is one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe. Through the week, music from all genres can be heard at street parties across the Copenhagen harbour and the districts of Nørrebro and Vesterbro, as well as the Distortion Club and one huge final rave.

When & where: 29 May - 3 June 2019; Copenhagen, Denmark

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Festival lineup
: Bon Iver, Patti Smith, Years & Years, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Clean Bandit

Taking place in a historical and stunning fort; while limited in capacity there is no restraint on the type of music that is featured. From Bon Iver's impassioned and cavernous folk to Years & Years' shining electropop. The split of the main stage and plenty of smaller stages - ready for 9,000 festival-goers to explore - combine to make a unique vibe.

When & where: 12-15 June 2019; Bergen, Norway

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Festival lineup
: Bloc Party, First Aid Kit, Yeasayer, Little Simz

Get ready for a different chilled festival atmosphere altogether, with picnics by the lake as Trondheim's Nidaros Cathedral and Viking age cityscape provide the view. The lineup blends internationally adored names for the curious music fan, along with obscure acts that you will feel foolish not to have found first.

When & where: 15-17 August 2019; Trondheim, Norway

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Flow Festival

Festival lineup
: Tame Impala, The Cure, Cardi B, Robyn, Erykah Badu

One thing that may have become apparent whilst reading this article is, not only do Scandinavian countries love all music genres, but they are also purveyors of embracing progressive social and political agendas. Flow Festival presents an opportunity to educate yourself on the latter, whilst losing yourself to the former. Started out as a humble soul and jazz festival in 2004, Flow Festival has steadily risen through the ranks of Europe's most intriguing music festivals in an equally intriguing city, winning a plethora of awards on the way.

When & where: 9-11 August 2019; Helsinki, Finland

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Lollapalooza Stockholm

Festival lineup
: Travis Scott, Foo Fighters, Lana Del Rey, Chance The Rapper, Lykke Li

Having stretched to most corners of the globe with festivals in Berlin, São Paulo, Paris, Buenos Aires, alongside its birthplace Chicago, Lollapalooza now sets its stall in Stockholm for the first time in 2019. Derived from the original touring festival created by Perry Farrell in 1991, each festival has its own individual characteristics and lineups whilst flying the flag for the famed festival institution. 

When & where: 28-30 June 2019; Stockholm, Sweden

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Way Out West

Festival lineup
: Cardi B, The Cure, James Blake, Stormzy, Zara Larsson

During the day, immerse yourself in the green pastures of Slottsskogen, and at night venture around Gothenburg with their festival's concept Stay Out West. Focusing on rock, electronic and hip-hop, the event has developed since its 1997 beginnings, and there is also a chance to visit art exhibitions and film showings.

When & where: 8-10 August 2019; Gothenburg, Sweden

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Tuska Open Air

Festival lineup
: Slayer, Anthrax, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, The Hellacopters

Tuska - which is Finnish for "pain" or "agony" - is a pure metal event, featuring the heaviest sounds from international greats as well as related styles of music from Nordic countries. Described as a "real metal festival institution" by Metal Rules, if it's a serious riff-heavy experience you want, then Tuska is what you need.

When & where: 28-30 June 2019; Helsinki, Finland

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Festival lineup
: Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill, Bring Me The Horizon, Anne Marie

Since 1979, this event kicks off the rock festival season with a whopping 75,000 attendees coming to watch the likes of Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Alice In Chains and David Bowie over the course of 40 years. Taking place in Seinäjoki, a typically peaceful city, this event is a great excuse for visitors and those who live there to let their hair down.

When & where: 28-30 June 2019; Seinäjoki, Finland

Secret Solstice

Festival lineup (2019)
: Martin Garrix, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Patti Smith, Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora

Taking place during the majestic 24-hour midnight sun, enjoy the atmospheric and varied sounds of house, techno, trip-hop, rap, punk and more amongst hot springs, outstanding green mountains and soul cleansing beaches. Consistently assembling impressive lineups from across the music spectrum (Radiohead, Slayer, and Stormzy have all headlined in recent years) Secret Solstice insists on keeping you on your toes with a diverse roster.

When & where: 21-23 June 2019; Reykjavík, Iceland

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Iceland Airwaves

Festival lineup
: Mac DeMarco, Whitney, Shame, Boy Azooga, Georgia

Showcasing new music in the city of Reykjavík, this was originally meant to be a one-off event but has since grown into a great hub of discovery for music journalists and fanatics, seeking fresh acts from both the Icelandic and international scene.

When & where: 6-9 November 2019; Reykjavík, Iceland

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