Motocultor Festival 2019

  • Saint-Nolff, France
  • 15-18 August 2019
Motocultor Festival 2019

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Metal mayhem

Motocultor Festival is a heavy metal festival held each summer in the northwest of France, close to the town of Saint-Nolff. Over three days the rural site hosts giants of the scene on a lineup that covers the metal genre in its myriad forms; thrash, black, death, industrial, groove and more.

And with acts coming to the region from across the globe – many from the USA, as well Brazil, Finland, Norway, Poland and a wealth of other European countries – it's no surprise that the festival has become something of a pilgrimage for metal fans from France, and from further afield.



  • Excalibur – The Celtic Rock Opera
  • Corvus Corax
  • Michael Sadler of Saga
  • John Helliwell of Supetramp
  • Martin Barre of Jethro Tull
  • Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac
  • Richard Palmer-James of King Crimson
  • Jerry Goodman of Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Dan Ar Braz
  • MattRach
  • Jacqui McShee of Pentangle
  • Sonja Kristina de Curved Air
  • Gerry Conway of Fairport Convention
  • Christian Décamps de Ange
  • Kohann
  • Siobhan Owen
  • The Magical Musical Man
  • Morgan Marlet
  • James Wood
  • The Excalibur Band
  • Le Bagad D'Elven
  • The Heaven Gothic Choir
  • The Soldiers of The Dance
  • La Compagnie Grise

The festival takes place at a site between the towns of Saint-Nolff and Kerboulard in the northwest of France.


Saint-Nolff, 56250, France


Gare de Vannes is the closest to the festival site (around 15 minutes by taxi), and is directly linked to Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Lorient and other regional destinations. Lorient and Nantes are also home to the closest airports to the festival.


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