Tomorrowland 2018: Beyond The Music

Tomorrowland 2018: Beyond The Music

Tomorrowland 2018

Tomorrowland 2018

Boom, Bélgica

Tomorrowland 2018 is upon us. The world's biggest playground is nearing completion, ready for 180,000 people to plunge into the EDM soundtracked fairytale. 

We're pretty sure those lucky enough to get tickets will have been preparing themselves all-year-round for an entire weekend (or two weekends if you're really lucky) of perpetual dancing, but for those who desperately need a refresher from the earth-shuddering bass and swarming lasers, then we've made a list of other activities to get stuck into.

Ferris Wheel


We sincerely doubt you'd miss it, considering it's the biggest attraction on-site! The views from the top are spectacular, and really give you a sense of how vast and organised this unique festival really is. 

Great for some headspace and perspective, but take into consideration that it stops running when it's raining, so pray for sunshine.



A common misconception that you have to pay for every jacuzzi you come across, as there are plenty dotted around the site that are totally free. The combination of bobbing in the bubbling water plus being able to catch some of the acts from a distance is an absolute winner.

Just keep a beady eye out for the hoards of drunken punters having fun. Might be difficult to spot.....

Restaurants and Fine Dining


Exceptionally, festival-goers can enjoy Michelin-Star quality dining at Tomorrowland, with the Tomorrowland Restaurant, in particular, overlooking the MainStage so you can quite literally 'eat to the beat'.

It costs a pretty penny we might add, but all proceeds are donated to charity. You can find out more about what's on offer here


Living the High-Life


This takes glamping to an entirely new level.

Amongst the many accommodation categories is the 'Mansion' option, which comes with a private garden, butler service, massage service, jacuzzi, and filled fridge, mere walking distance from the festival site.

Tomorrowland's ethos is "We believe in enjoying life to the fullest without having to compromise everything." They make a fair point.




A library? At an EDM festival, you say? Correct. You can locate it in the Flea Market.

Why not kick-back, put your feet up, and enjoy some of Lewis Carroll? It's definitely appropriate at Tomorrowland of all places.


Paddle in the lakes


Either cool down and paddle about, or rent a pedalo and explore what the lakes have to offer. 

With numerous floating stages spread around, there's plenty of aquatic activity to enjoy.


Church of Love


Arguably the most questionable of all non-music related fun, the 'Church of Love' has been a permanent fixture at Tomorrowland for some years now.

Guarded by several women dressed as nuns, those behind closed doors are encouraged to indulge in, ahem, extra-curricular activities.

We have no clue about the level of sanitation inside. So, enter at your peril.


Tomorrowland 2018 takes place, 20 - 22 July, and 27 - 29 July, in Boom, Belgium. Find the full timetable on our guide.

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