Field Day 2022: Beyond The Headliners

Field Day 2022: Beyond The Headliners

All Points East presents Field Day 2022

Written by: Conor Fuller

After last year’s triumphant post-pandemic return to Victoria Park, Field Day are set to bring two gargantuan acts to East London next month: Kraftwerk and The Chemical Brothers.

The former being pioneering forefathers of synthesiser music and the latter serving up dance music to the mainstream masses throughout the 1990s, contemporary electronic music wouldn't be the same - or perhaps even exist full-stop - without them.

Both still command top billing on whichever festival they end up playing, and with two electronic acts of such magnitude dominating the Field Day lineup you’d be forgiven for overlooking the rest of the afternoon.

But, here we share some of the earlier artists who you should check out first when Saturday 20th August comes around.


London-based Aussie Samantha Poulter – aka Logic1000 – is as intuitive on the decks as she is in the studio. Taking an instinctive, feel-your-way approach to producing and mixing, her output and mixes are spontaneous and layered.

Responsible for some of the biggest electronic anthems of the last few years, 'I Won’t Forget' and 'Can’t Stop Thinking About' to name a couple, we can’t wait to hear them on the big system.


Kareem Ali

An innovative producer with extra-terrestrial interests, it’s no wonder that Kareem Ali’s music feels so expansive and at times other-worldly. Hypnotic rhythms, soaring basslines and twinkling, starry synths all combine to lift the spirit and carry you somewhere else.

If turning the heads of artists such as Four Tet, Bicep and Caribou isn’t enough of an endorsement, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ve not heard before in Ali’s genre-bending set.


Jessy Lanza

After a string of eccentric lockdown mixes – from bed, the garden and even the boot of a car – we’re particularly intrigued to see what Canadian DJ, producer and vocalist Jessy Lanza pulls out of the bag in August.

Her entry for the long-running DJ-Kicks series saw elements of her vibrant, ethereal pop aesthetic merge with more dancefloor beats in a way that felt expansive yet intimate, up-beat yet pensive. Occasionally jumping on the mic to add vocals (with more than a healthy dose of reverb), Lanza’s set is sure to be unique.



HAAi burst onto the London scene in 2018 with a residency at South London’s Phonox, gaining notoriety for her exciting blend of techno with psychedelic sounds from around the globe.

An avid collector of Thai, Turkish and African records, HAAi fuses and underpins these sounds with weighty synths and aggressive basslines. Unexpected twists and turns in her energetic sets make her must-see in Victoria Park.



What do you get if you put the emotions of euphoria, melancholy and nostalgia in a blender? Probably something a bit like salute’s sound!

The Manchester-based Austrian makes simple music that cuts to an emotional core. With earlier tracks such as 'JTS' nodding to the post-dubstep era, to more recent four-to-the-floor belters, salute is sure to provide the dancefloor moments we all love and crave.

All Points East presents Field Day 2022 takes place in London's Victoria Park on Saturday 20th August. Head to our shop to book the last remaining tickets.


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