For a country smaller in size than the likes of Iceland, Cuba and even Nepal, and with a population of little more than 10 million, Portugal punches above its weight in a lot of areas.

Not only are the reigning champions of Europe when it comes to football, they can also boast some of the world’s greatest music festivals.

Across the country and throughout the year, the smaller of the major Iberian nations hosts some of Europe’s biggest players, as well as some of the most inviting smaller events you could wish to find.

Grabbing the headlines are the likes of NOS Alive with its rock and indie-leaning lineups populated by the world’s biggest acts; the coastal dance music, pop and hip hop sensation that is MEO Sudoeste; Primavera Sound’s younger but no less esteemed sibling NOS Primavera Sound; and the biennial European outing for the global icon Rock In Rio.

Add to that the likes of Super Bock Super RockSuper Bock em Stock and VOA Heavy Rock Festival in Lisbon and Vodafone Paredes de Coura in the stunningly picturesque northern countryside, and your fix for multi-genre superstars is more than covered. Rock and indie music fans should head to EDP Vilar de Mouros, held in the northwest of Portugal.

For electronic music fans the festival offerings are similarly expansive; whether that’s the strictly underground focus of Neopop, The BPM Festival and Lisb-On Jardim Sonoro or the bigger, bolder and more bombastic dance music on offer at EDP Beach Party, RFM Somnii and Solaris Sunset Empire.  

There’s also reggae’s finest at Musa Cascais, hard-hitting rock at SWR Barroselas Metalfest and the fearlessly unconventional Milhoes de Festa offering up everything from grindcore, drone and jazz to experimental electronica and dancefloor-friendly disco.

Basically, whatever your taste in music, Portugal’s festivals have got you covered.

Outside of music, Lisbon hosts Comic Con Portugal in September, including several areas that cover film and television, video games, comics, anime, cosplay, and music.


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