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In historical terms, there aren’t many countries worldwide that come close to Italy as far as art, music and culture are concerned. From classical composers to renaissance artists, the country’s history is filled with household names that have defined the character of the modern nation.

Although no longer such a dominant cultural tour de force, the Italians’ passion for music runs deep, and this is reflected in the offerings of today.

In the dance music world, Italo-disco and Italo-house helped to shape the landscape, and the popularity of electronic music is reflected in the number of top-level Italian festivals dedicated to the genre.

With techno titans like Kappa FuturFestival and Movement Torino, intimate electronic gatherings like Polifonic and Dancity, experimental gem Club To Club, and the EDM leaning Nameless Music Festival, electronic music fans are well catered for by Italy’s festival selection.

There are also ample indie delights on offer across the beautiful nation as well, from Ypsigrock Festival in a historic Sicilian castle to Siren Festival in the streets, gardens and picturesque venues of the charming coastal town of Vasto.

Multi-genre giants are also not in short supply – whether that’s HOME Festival in Treviso, Firenze Rocks in Florence, or I-Days in Milan.

So when you combine all that with the stunning natural beauty, practically peerless cuisine and inviting climate, you’d be hard pushed to find many better destinations for your next trip.

Discover the top 10 music festivals in Italy.


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