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Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, has lots of music opportunities - especially booming is the commune in the city, Freetown Christiania, with free concerts every Sunday and large artists sometimes playing one of its many music venues, Music Loppen. 

Just West of Copenhagen is the booming music city, Roskilde, in which the Roskilde Festival takes place each summer - even Taylor Swift will be be playing there in 2020. The rock festival is one of the biggest in all of Scandinavia, usually drawing about 80,000 festival-goers. The city also has the Ragnarock Museum, dedicated to both the pop and rock music scenes since 1950. 

More Danish festivals include the likes of Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Nibe Festival, Copenhell Festival, and NorthSide.

Artists such as Sam Smith, Jamie Cullum & Tivolis Big Band and Katie Melua can be seen playing at a number of Danish festivals.

Take a look at our picks for Top 7 Music Festivals in Denmark.


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