Nowadays, there’s plenty of opportunities on the festival calendar that cater to festival-goers of all ages, offering experiences beyond the headline acts, all-night raves, and sunburned daytime drinking.

More and more major festivals are gradually cultivating more inclusive festival environments, becoming spaces for arts, crafts, workshops, comedy, theatre, and activities, allowing those who might normally miss out a chance to bring their kids along.

A variety of festivals in the UK, Europe, and further afield have created specific areas with a diverse programme of fun and games for kids, even the grandparents if you want the entire family to join.

Glastonbury, Latitude Festival, Kendal Calling, Hideaway Festival, FarmfestGreen Man Festival in Wales, Electric Fields in Scotland all welcome children with open arms. Likewise, European festivals that encourage the family-friendly festival atmosphere include Beauregard in France, Positivus in Latvia, Tauron Nowa Muzkya in Poland, and Colours Of Ostrava in Czech Republic.

Arguably the UK’s most famous deliberate family-friendly festival, however, is Camp Bestival. The Bestival spin-off takes place in the grounds of the luscious Lulworth Castle in Dorset the weekend before its sister festival, showcasing a lineup of artists perfect for all of the family, young and old. The set fancy-dress theme is sure to entice the kids and parents alike each year, exemplifying the fun, immersive, and wholesome nature of the festival favourite. The latest family-friendly festival is The Great Wonderfest, which is hosted by the TV duo Dick and Dom, and promises live pop acts, DJs, magicians, comedians and outdoor games for the little ones.


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