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Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event is electronic music's biggest festival of the year. Turning the Dutch capital into a musical mecca, ADE is electronic music's craziest five days.

Parties come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate basements all the way up to the city's biggest stadiums. Overall the festival gathers 2,500 artists and 400,000 people in the city, all in the name of electronic music. 

Fans travel from all over the world to join in the festivities and see their favourite DJs play unique sets in unique settings as the biggest acts like Martin Garrix and Carl Cox all make the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam Dance Event without fail.

However, because the festival is so massive it can be a bit of an overwhelming undertaking, so to help make sure you don't miss out on any of the action we've broken it down into more manageable categories:

ADE 2019: Wednesday

ADE 2019: Thursday

ADE 2019: Friday

ADE 2019: Saturday

ADE 2019: Warehouse Events

ADE 2019: Biggest Parties

ADE 2019: EDM

ADE 2019: Techno

ADE 2019: DGTL


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